Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Sprouted Kitchen

It seems easy in Winter to get into a slump.  Our bodies have a natural instinct to eat and pack on pounds to protect ourselves from the elements.  I desperately try to make sure my family keeps eating healthy foods, even though all of those preservatives and artificial flavors beckon.  I am loving Sprouted Kitchen by Sara Forte. Sprouted Kitchen  has 100 recipes that show your how to use the freshest produce, whole grains, lean proteins and natural sweeteners to make divine dishes your family will love.

Sara Forte is a food-loving, wellness-craving veggie enthusiast who relishes sharing a wholesome meal with friends and family. The Sprouted Kitchen features 100 of her most mouthwatering recipes. Richly illustrated by her photographer husband, Hugh Forte, this bright, vivid book celebrates the simple beauty of seasonal foods with original recipes—plus a few favorites from her popular Sprouted Kitchen food blog tossed in for good measure. The collection features tasty snacks on the go like Granola Protein Bars, gluten-free brunch options like Cornmeal Cakes with Cherry Compote, dinner party dishes like Seared Scallops on Black Quinoa with Pomegranate Gastrique, “meaty” vegetarian meals like Beer Bean– and Cotija-Stuffed Poblanos, and sweet treats like Cocoa Hazelnut Cupcakes. From breakfast to dinner, snack time to happy hour, The Sprouted Kitchen will help you sneak a bit of delicious indulgence in among the vegetables.

I actually caught myself bookmarking almost every single page to try a recipe.  We cannot get enough of the Mango Mint Lassi (my daughter mainlines them).  I have been very excited to try the recipes because they put a unique spin on some old favorites.  We recently gobbled the Spiced Sweet Potato Wedges.  They had a hint of spice and because they were baked I did not feel at guilty about asking for seconds.

The Roasted Tomato Soup was the perfect foil for a windy, freezing cold day.  I  made extra to freeze.

I love the Sara Forte brings such rich flavorings to such beautiful seasonal ingredients.  We have now made the Greek Chicken twice, and even though I was not able to grill (snow was a-falling), I plan on whipping it out for the next barbecue (hey I may be months away, but a gal can dream).

I love eating whole foods and snuggling in for warm nights full of good flavor, conversation and fun.

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