Thursday, October 4, 2012

Josie Maran: Luxury with a Conscience

I have enough things to worry about and my makeup is not one of them.  I love using products that are natural (in both ingredients and wearability).  Josie Maran has created an entire line from facial care to hair care with a huge does of cosmetics that nourish your skin.

As a truly natural beauty, Maran realized there was something missing in the world of makeup. Existing eco-friendly, natural beauty products lacked the sophistication and level of luxury she craved. It was hard to find luxurious products that were pure, gentle, nontoxic, eco-friendly–and sophisticated. Maran thought if she sought out products that met these high standards, then other women concerned with their health and the earth must want them too. So Josie Maran Cosmetics was born.
Every element, from the packaging to the makeup shades, is a reflection of her unique sensibility, which is always dedicated to social and environmental responsibility. Maran has partnered with many organizations, such as the National Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, Teens for Safe Cosmetics, Global Green USA, the Natural Resources Defense Council, and City of Hope.
On a shoot in the South of France, Josie discovered the “Moroccan miracle moisturizer” that would change her life, and many others. “As soon as I saw what 100% Pure, Organic Argan Oil did for my skin,” Josie says, “I knew that makeup could be beautiful inside and out.”

Each product is more special and unique than the next.  The Glosses  taste like Dulce de Leche (so you might want to lick it off your lips...but resist!).  They are all delicious, natural colors that I simply can no longer live without.  They seem to make you lips plump, glisten and the Argan Oil helps to fight the effects of aging.  They are so natural that even a bedraggled mama like me, looks like she got some sleep the night before.  Even Product Daddy was heard commenting that "something was different."  Thanks Josie!

The Cream Blush is the most long-lasting and natural I have ever used.  It really made me look and feel younger.  It contains natural, organic ingredients and has no fragrances or parabens.  Each shade is in Josie's biodegradable compacts.  If you have been searching for the dewy look, then momma, look no further. 

This is a truly luxurious brand of cosmetics with an amazing conscience.  Check out Josie Maran's list of foundations she works with to GIVE BACK.  When was the last time your lip gloss made you feel and look this good?!

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