Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hello Dolly!

Many of you may have noticed how cost-prohibitive a Waldorf doll can be.  With Waldorf dolls selling for $250+, these special creations have become more of a dream than a reality for hard-working parents who want to give their children the Waldorf experience. I do not deny that Waldorf dolls are a piece of art.  Having made one myself, I know how intensive their construction is.   Luckily, my friends at A Toy Garden realize this and want to give your child the best Waldorf dolls at a price point you can afford.

The Precious Dress-Up Doll with Pajamas and Sleep Sack are adorable friends that any child would love.  They boast the simple features that allow your child to determine their new dolly's mood for years of imaginative play.

Our Precious Dress Up Dolls are handmade by a group of Tibetan women exiled in India.  Your purchase of this doll helps to fund their skills training and provide them with income.  The dolls are handmade in the German Waldorf tradition using all natural materials.  They are stuffed with pure wool, their skin, hair, and clothing are all cotton, wool or silk.  Their simple facial details (eyes and nose) are hand stitched.  All the skin is the same, it is a light tan with rosy cheeks.  They are firmly stuffed and beautifully made.  All the clothing is unique and handmade.  No two outfits are exactly alike and no two dolls are identical.  Some outfits have snaps, some have ties, some are a wrap or kimono style.  Each has its own personality, hair style, face shape, etc.  Some are even a bit taller than others.  They are about 14-15 inches tall.  Please see the pull down menu for options.  All clothing is removable but they are not wearing undergarments (shhhh) or sock/shoes.   Each doll comes in a lovely sack that can double as a sleeping bag.  The sack is lined, has a pocket for the doll's pajamas, and has a long handle for carrying.  It also has ties to secure dolly inside for safe travels!  Pajamas for the long haired dolls are a gown and bloomers.  Pajamas for the short haired dolls are pj pants and a top with snap-closure.   Made in India for A Toy Garden.  These dolls are looking forward to being well loved and cared for.  Recommended for ages 3 and up.
 My daughter did not stop dressing her doll for three days straight.  She loves the sleep sack (which doubles as a carry bag), and every night, she tucked in baby Camille right next to her.
A typical morning looks just like the picture above.  She is cuddling baby Camille while we get ready for our day (notice both Camille and my baby are still in their jammies).   The Precious Dress-Up Doll with Pajamas and Sleep Sack gives you a way to give your child a precious heirloom toy while providing exiled Tibetan women in India with an income.  That is the best kind of love!

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