Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bedtime Battle No More

Anyone with kids knows that it is can be "difficult" to get them into bed.  Even the most bedraggled, worn-out child will protest with those three words, "I'm not tired."  I have had those words uttered to me even when my daughter's eyes are half-closed.  Well battle no more.  Company Kids  from the Company Store, has so many ways to make your child's bed THE place to be.

The new Pillowcase Friends can change a boring old pillow, into a bedtime pal.  From a butterfly or pony to a monkey, frog, kitty and dog, the choices are perfect for your sleepy baby. They are machine-washable, fit over standard pillows and are super-soft.  My daughter cannot get enough of the monkey, and her cousin and her fought over who would get to use it.  It helps to stop the bedtime-battle and get her right into bed.
My daughter's current obsession is anything mermaid.  She adores her Mermaid Pillow Sham which she insists is on her pillow every night (when Mr. Monkey needs a rest).  It is the softest 100% cotton imaginable.  I have actually (accidentally) fallen asleep on it.  It is so wonderful and gives your little sleeper lots of extra cushioning.

Company Kids also understands that sometimes you are not at home in your comfy bed, so they bring the fun and comfort on the road with you, with their, Character Slumber Bags.  The pillow is part of the slumber bag, and it unzips for your convenience.  Their are eight different characters to choose form including a lion, ballet dancer, mermaid, pirate, monkey, kitty, truck and bear.  They can even be monogrammed.  These are also a great way to make the dreaded nap-time more fun.  My daughter brings hers to her Nana's house to catch some zzzzz's in style.  We have the Lion and it is another piece that all of my family fights over using.  I think I will have to snap up a few more.

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