Monday, June 25, 2012

FrivolTees and Fairies

I love handmade items, and I spend hours perusing Etsy.  I love that each piece I buy is not only unique, but also carries a story of the person who made it.  FrivolTees is that kind of Etsy shop.   FrivolTees  carries a unique line of vintage style fashion dolls, original fairy line with accessories, sculpted jewelry and children's Tees.  Everything in the shop is designed, drawn and created by Laurie.  Our favorite are the fairy dolls.  They come in four different styles and Laurie even handcrafts clothing that easily attaches with soft Velcro.  
My daughter has a wonderful time designing new looks for her doll Willow.  Because it is a stuffed doll, she can be her own kid-self with it, with no worries of bending or ruin like a paper doll would bring.  
Each fairy dress is truly magical.  I found myself playing right along, while also planning to purchase not only more fairies but more gorgeous dresses.  These fairy dolls are perfect for travel and a great toy to bring with you on long road trips or even restaurant dinners.  We recently brought Willow to a graduation which my daughter never would have quietly sat through.  I love that these allow her to use her imagination,while encouraging the important belief in magic and mystery that fairies embody.

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