Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Enjoy Life Chewy Bars

When we are on the road, or out for the entire day, I find myself needing a healthy snack, but lost as to what to bring.  We love trail mixes and bars.  They pack well, and they satisfy hunger.
Our favorite bar is the Enjoy Life Chewy Bars.  They taste amazing and come in four mouth-watering flavors: Sunbutter Crunch, Cocoa Loco, Caramel Apple and Very Berry.  I prefer the Caramel Apple, and my daughter is loco for Cocoa Loco. These babies are packed with vitamins and minerals.  Like all Enjoy Life foods they are free of the most common food allergens and have no Trans Fat, artifical ingredients.  They are vegan, kosher and gluten and casein-free.  I actually bring these as treats to birthday parties where I know children who have allergies are going to be.  For my daughter's last day of school, we brought these as the treat so no one would have an allergy issue.  The kids gobbled them down, and moms were asking where to buy them.  Enjoy summer with Enjoy Life Chewy Bars.

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