Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Very Fond of Sophie Dahl!

I first fell in love with Sophie Dahl when I lived in London and read her fiction books. I like her natural style and whimsical nature. When I found out she also wrote cookbooks, I was overjoyed. Her newest cookbook is Very Fond Of Food. Very Fond Of Food is full of 100 recipes that will delight the palette and your heart. Sophie writes in the introduction that if you are looking for "stern culinary advice", then this is not the cookbook for you. This cookbook is about being with family and friends and delighting in dishes that use natural ingredients and fresh produce.
Bestselling author Sophie Dahl offers up 100 wholesome recipes for health-minded home cooks who yearn for a bit of indulgence in her gorgeous second cookbook. Favoring natural sweeteners, minimal meat, and abundant produce, these dishes satisfy yet never feel ascetic. Recipes ranging from Roasted Pumpkin with Sautéed Greens and Toasted Cumin Dressing to Rhubarb Rice Pudding are organized seasonally, and the book finishes with a full chapter of luscious desserts. But the recipes are only part of the story--Sophie’s food-filled memories and musings on the good life make this a book to treasure for its writerly charms as much as for its advice in the kitchen.

Very Fond Of Food includes some of Dahl's personal anecdotes as well as her own whimsical drawings. It is a very personal cookbook that draws you in again and again with the gorgeous recipes and photography.

We keep coming back to Very Fond Of Food for our meals. We love the Zucchini Muffins which are the right balance of savory and sweet. I love the grains that Sophie includes in dishes like quinoa an millet, and she inspires me to use them in new and different ways. My biggest food addiction from this cookbook is the Salad of Brown Rice and Pearl Barley with Cranberries. I cannot get enough. My daughter is partial to the Chickpea and Mushroom burgers which bring a healthy dose of fiber and protein.
I remain one of Dahl's biggest fans and I am very fond of her too!

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