Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Vegetable and Apple Spaghetti?!

I try to incorporate as much healthy food as I can into our diets. As any parent knows, that can be tricky with picky little eaters. I am lucky that my daughter will eat most things, but sometimes I have to get a little creative. I am not a fan of the refined sugars in conventional pasta, so I was looking for a new way to make it fun. Through a good friend, I found Paderno World Cuisine which carries that best tools for any chef (or plain ol' cook like me). Their spiral vegetable slicer is my little trick to making healthy food fun.
This spiral vegetable slicer cuts vegetables and fruits into curly, ribbon-like slices. By placing the vegetable or fruit on the prongs of the wheel and turning the wheel while pushing the base toward the vertical julienne blade, continuous spiral strands and curled julienne strips are created. The slicer is made of plastic. It comes with 3 sets of blades with 1/8" (3mm), spacing, 1/4" (6mm) spacing and a straight blade for ribbon cuts.

My daughter loves raw sweet potato and she is a huge fan of apple spaghetti. I even use it to make fun shapes in fruits and veggies that I can easily dehydrate for healthy snacking on the go. My daughter is throughly enchanted with the cool shapes it makes. I am enchanted with how easy healthy eating can be with a little imagination.

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