Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sponge Skincare

When I find a product I love, I have to shout it from the metaphorical rooftops! I am officially in love with Sponge Skincare. This fabulous line from Greece is amazing. Using natural herbs and plants with replenishing olive oil, Sponge really brings a vibrance back to your skin and hair.
Detail + care are the core values of sponge skincare products. more than 30 years of intensive research enabled sponge to pinpoint nature’s most powerful plants & herbs, harnessing the best of nature through a unique chemical-free extraction process.The island of symi, the land of our ancestors in the greek aegean was the inspiration for the name of our product. Sponge’s blue-gray packaging is reflective of the essence of the sea that surrounds the greek island of santorini (thira). Sponge products are based in olive oil and mixed with organically grown herbs with no color additives. Our family has been making natural skin care products that are based in olive oil with organically grown herbs for over thirty years. We use a slow non-chemical process to extract the purest essences from the natural plants. The products were first developed by a physician to benefit his pregnant patients without impacting their unborn children.
The Wild Flower Shampoo has literally saved my hair. After having a child, I noticed my hair seemed to fall out more. Every drugstore brand only made it worse. Sponge Wild Flower Shampoo add volume and also repairs hair with with natural provitamin B5. Olive Oil, nature’s strengthening and revitalizing agent, adds radiance and body. My four year old even notice and commented on the difference. I love the old school herbal scent that softly lingers.
The Sponge Wild Flower Conditioner is enriched with myrtle and chamomile. It detangles and adds volume. It is thick enough to get our tangles, but never weighs my hair down. I even was able to eliminate all styling products!
Sponge Skincare has hit pure gold with the skincare line. I am in love with the Gel Basiliko (Basil Gel). It clarified and balances my combination skin. It is so light and oil free and smells of a gorgeous blend of sweet basil and lime. Olive leaf helps to hydrate and balance the skin tone and provides anti-aging protection. I use this under my foundation, and it is light enough to wear all day with no oily skin...ever! I look forward to using more of this fabulous line, and secretly pretending I am not stuck in traffic on the school-run and am instead on the island of Santorini.

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