Monday, April 30, 2012

Mastrad Makes my Kitchen Innovative

In my quest to get my family to eat healthy, I forbid my husband (he does the grocery shopping) from buying any more of those artificially colored ice pops. Coincidentally, that same week, my daughter would not take a probiotic or eat yogurt. Using my Ice Pop Caroussel from Orka by Mastrad I froze some organic banana and blueberry yogurt. She now thinks I am giving her a special treat. The Ice Pop Caroussel is super easy to fill, and the cup-shaped base means no spills all over furniture. Unlike some ice pop makers, with this I can remove the silicone cover easily! I cannot wait to make some aspics with it as well.
Mastrad uses silicone for many reasons.
Silicones - extremely flexible, resistant material with exceptional thermal adaptability - are well suited for kitchen housewares in contact with food and more particularly for baking products subjected to very high temperature. These are some of the advantages of silicone: · High resistance to extreme temperatures (till 455°F in continuous use and above 480°F in peak one) · Stable mechanical properties in a broad temperature range. · Excellent release properties (non-stick performance). · Oven, microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe. · Resistant to boiling water and aggressive detergents. · Intrinsic water repellent. · Non toxic.
The Ice Cube Tray makes it so easy to make ice without getting odors from the rest of the freezer because it has a handy cover. I love the silicone bottom which allows me to pop the ice right out.
My personal favorite is the Herb/Spice Infuser, I simply add my favorite home-grown herbs to make incredible sauces and soups. My husband was always complaining that he does not like "leafy bits" in his food. With this infuser I get the same great taste without the leafy bits he hates. I love the freedom it gives me to use my favorite herbs and spices. Mastrad offers so many easy solutions that make cooking fun!

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