Monday, March 12, 2012

Zippearz Makes the Music Come Alive

We are what I would consider a musical family. We always have the radio going and I am not ashamed to say, we sing with gusto. I was raised on music, and I think it helps me get things done in a more orderly fashion. I know you may be sick of hearing this, but I am trying to get fit. Working out is so not my thing, and I need something to help me through it. Guess what I needed....yup, MUSIC! I can do so much more with a good beat going in my head. Because the entire gym may not have my musical preference, I needed good earphones. I tried to slide by with cheapo ones that constantly fell out (once resulting in an embarrassing slip off an elliptical). Frustrated, I researched and found Zippearz. Zippearz currently offers two different Earbuds that really are truly high-performance.

Zippearz Sport ear buds
feature high-end 10mm speakers with white wiring. These buds are perfect for the exercise enthusiast or for casual listening. Comfortable ergonomic design eliminates ear fatigue.
You can wear them with or without the adjustable ear loops. The sound is amazing, and they NEVER slip out. I love the little zipper on them that stops the tangling too. I use these every single day (when my husband does not try to nab them).

The other Zippearz are the Zippearz Nouveau ear buds
engineered to compete with the higher-end earbuds on the market at a fraction of the price. Nouveau buds are the FIRST EVER to offer bass & treble control with the push of a button ! The tiny controller also controls your music; pause/play/skip tracks, and hands-free functions compatible with most cellular devices. That's right- You can even talk on your phone!

The description speaks for itself! I use these when I want to watch a show while working out. I am able to control everything without missing a...beat!

If you love music, and want to hear it the way it should be heard, you need Zippearz. your ears will thank you. Now I have to get back to those beats.

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