Wednesday, March 7, 2012

It's so Easiyo!

Some people dream of making the perfect souffle, or the perfect cake. I (no joke), have wanted to make the perfect yogurt for quite some time. We go through tons of yogurt in our home, because we know how much protein and vitamins are in it. Better yet, we know those fabulous cultures help our digestive systems. I have tried, and failed to make my own yogurt, and then we got Easiyo.

The inventor of the EasiYo System, knew how good freshly-made yogurt was for his family of eight children.

He decided he had to find a better way of making this staple food, and came up with an ingenious way of producing yogurt perfectly - every time!

In 1992 EasiYo Products Limited was born. The simple 3 step EasiYo System is now exported to over 20 countries around the world, making EasiYo world leaders in this field!

Easiyo is a simple 3-Step system to making the perfect yogurt for you and your family. We have the Family Starter Pack, which made things super simple and fun! We filled the jar with water and the mix, we did a little shake, then poured boiling water into the yogurt maker and set our yogurt jar inside and voila! home-made yogurt for breakfast the next morning. It was that easy, and yummy! My daughter and I only really fought once (hey, I wanted to shake it too!), and we enjoyed the yogurt for days. I look forward to trying the different flavors and styles (especially Greek Yogurt). I do not see our yogurt addiction going away any time soon, especially when making it ourselves is so much fun.

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