Monday, March 5, 2012

Gym in a Box Gives Me No Excuses

Most parents know how hard it can be to get a good workout in. I spend so much time trying to make sure my home and job are running smoothly, that I forgot to take care of my own health and body. I try to make it to the gym and be as active as possible, but I often found myself with the excuse of "no time." I take my eating pretty seriously, and I love so many healthy foods and recipes, so why not take care of my body? Trainer Brands Gym in a Box took away the excuses. Trainer Brands Gym in a Box is a whole system geared towards getting you fit with easy steps. You do not need to go to the gym or hire an expensive trainer. You can work your body out from the comfort of your own home when you have time
The TRAINERbrands Gym in a Box is the most comprehensive home training system available. Everything you need to get the body you have dreamed of is included. The set includes:

12 Exercises printed on the Grey 65cm TRAINERball™ to strengthen and define your core (pump included).

26 Exercises printed on the 3 foot TRAINERband™ latex resistance band. Designed to increase strength and flexibility.

12 Exercises printed on the 4" diameter TRAINERroller™ to help balance and restore circulation, flexibility and range of motion.

54 Exercises printed on the 2-sided TRAINERmat™ Ab and Weight Loss workouts that will ignite your metabolism and help you get leaner and stronger

Perfect-Form DVD so you know you are performing each exercise correctly

4 week meal plan

60 day workout program
Each product is made of the highest quality materials and are the same products used at expensive gyms across the country. Plus, the equipment comes with the exercises and correct movements printed right on them.

I am a huge fan of the whole set. I especially love the exercise TRAINERmat, because the exercises are separated by 20 days sets for the beginner, intermediate and experienced exerciser. I feel great after my work-outs and I have the time to be fit while being with my child. In fact, my daughter loves to work out with me. She told her daddy she was "strengthening her core" when she did sit-up with me. It is never too late or too early to stay fit and healthy, and as a parent it is even more vital to set that important example.

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