Wednesday, March 28, 2012

For Your Comfort

Bumps and bruises are a part of childhood, but as a momma, I still cringe when she gets them. Sometimes these ailments need a little more than a kiss or some ice, and that is where Grampa's Garden products save the day. Grampa's Garden has a huge selection of warm packs, cold packs and aromatherapy items that are there to soothe any ailment. We are absolutely in love with the Bunny Wrap. We can use it as a warm pack or a cold pack. It is super cute and irresistible. Bunny Wrap helps to quiet the tears and soothe the soul. I use it to soothe my sore shoulders, and it gets rid of bellyaches fast too! I love the natural soothing scent of cinnamon too! The unique design allows it to be used all over wherever you may have a "boo-boo". I used it as a mask the other day, which gave my daughter a real laugh.

If your child has sensory issues, be sure to check out the weighted animals and blankets.

Grampa's Garden is blooming with so many items you will not be able to choose just one.

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