Friday, February 10, 2012

Take Me to the Mountains

If you are anything like me, then the smell of all those artificial air freshners and soaps really do not make you happy. I love natural scents and was thrilled to find Juniper Ridge. All of Juniper Ridge products are made from the mountains and deserts of the west. They are natural and smell amazing. From room spray to soaps and even tea, you really feel like you are surrounded by beautiful mountain tops and pine trees. This is my idea of relaxation and "fresh" air. Juniper Ridge donates 10% of the proceeds of its sales to protecting wildlife.
The Room Spray we have is Cascade Glacier, which the company describes as a " mountain forest in a bottle." I could not describe it better. It smells like it did when I used to hike in the woods of New Hampshire as a child. It is a natural, clean scent. My father, an outdoor kind of guy, instantly asked where I got it and how I could get him some. My daughter says it smells like "canoeing" (something we do every summer on the river surrounded by mountains and pine trees). No artificial scent here. It does not mask odor, it eliminates it and does not overpower.

The soaps are organic and wild harvested. The Siskiyou Cedar is described as ginger, wool blanket and deep forest. My husband cannot get enough of it. After a shower, our bathroom smells amazing. My favorite is the Steep Ravine, which is notes of redwood, bay leaf, oak moss and sea mist. I feel so clean! The soaps are moisturizing and as natural as the trees they get their infusions from.

The teas are a real treat! You can choose from Douglas Fir Spring Tip or White Sage and Wild Mint. All of the teas are sustainably harvested and organic. We have the White Sage and Wild Mint. Sage and Mint are both fantastic for soothing tummy aches, aiding indigestion and promoting relaxation. I keep trying to tell my family to save some for camping, because nothing will be better than watching the river flow while sipping this tea.

Juniper Ridge takes me to the mountains and I just cannot get enough!

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