Thursday, February 16, 2012

Emily Skin Soothers

No matter how mild the weather this year seems, the minute it gets cold, my daughter and I resemble little crocodiles. Well, not really, but we get dry, itchy skin. I have tried everything! Then I found Emily Skin Soothers. This incredible line was created by a dad for his daughter, Emily. When Emily was a baby she was getting red bumps on her neck and cheeks, which the doctor diagnosed as baby eczema. Thank goodness Emily's dad was an acupuncturist and herbalist, and he created a formula that was gentle enough for his own daughter's skin. No chemicals!
With Emily’s infant skin in mind I used the bare minimum of ingredients. I used only high quality herbs that were sulfur and preservative free. I worked with herbal formulas that were tried and true, and hundreds of years old. I tested them on myself and my wife and simplified them. When I was sure they were safe and effective, we began to use them on our daughter. The results are the products we now offer to you.

The line is so wonderful that it works for
• Dry-type Eczema
• Flaking dry psoriasis
• Cracked hands and cuticles
• Dry cracked heels
• Rosacea
• Diaper rash

I love how pure the formulas are. I was disturbed when my daughter got eczema and we were given steroid creams and told to use a a petroleum-based moisturizer. We have the Baby and Adult Skin Soother which does not contain colorants, artificial fragrances, preservatives or chemicals. There are only five all natural ingredients. All of the Emily Skin Soothers contain absolutely no parabens, petroleum products, SLS, artificial fragrances, additives, or any synthetic ingredients. The Cosmetic Safety Database gives a "0" rating to all of the skin soothers, which means they contain no dangerous or hazardous chemicals. You can get rid of the steroids doctors force upon you and finally use something gentle on your skin flare-ups that actually works even better.

We are also big fans of the Liquid Soap, which seems to be the only soap that works to soothe my dry skin rather than making it feel even drier. I even got Product Daddy hooked!

Emily Skin Soothers is so wonderful that they are offering Product Mommy readers an exclusive 15% off with the code "PRODUCTMOM" when you order from their site Hurry because this offer expires on 2/22/12. I know I am stocking up!

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