Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sweet Kisses

Winter is already doing a number on my daughter and my lips. My whole family tends to get dry lips; you know the kind that leaves you looking like an old lady with leftover lip liner? Regular lip balms will now do. We look to Hurraw! to quench our parched pouts. Hurraw! started out with the intent of making the perfect lip balm. They suceeded. Hurraw! is all natural, vegan, made from premium raw, organic and fair trade ingredients. The flavors are numerous and one more yummy than the next. Hurraw! does not melt in your pocket, and it goes on like buttah! It feels like you are gliding deliciously flavored silk across your lips. This is super-important when your lips feel like they are going to fall off.

Each tube is hand mixed and individually poured. Hurraw! sources fair trade, organic, vegan and raw ingredients from reputable suppliers. Hurraw! is also Gluten Free. Their ingredients contain no GMO's and all are certified Kosher Parve.
Best of all there is are No petroleum, preservatives, artifical flavors or colors. Hurray for Hurraw!

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