Friday, December 2, 2011

The Right Tools

I became a big fan of chef Michael Ruhlman after reading his fabulous book Ruhlman's Twenty: 20 Techniques 100 Recipes A Cook's Manifesto. He taught me some fundamentals of cooking that I was not aware I was really doing completely wrong. He truly believes that anyone can cook. And you know what, anyone really can.

I have also learned that the right tools are super important when trying to make the meal you want. I gave up on plastic tools (cannot bear them), and have been slowly switching to wooden and metal cooking tools. Be still my heart when I saw Ruhlman's new line of cooking tools...most specificially the Spanker and Spanky. The Spanker and Spanky are flat-edged wood paddles made of acacia wood. They are super sturdy.
The Spanker is unbeatable for stirring big pots of stewing goodness. Spanky is your all-purpose everyday tool for stirring. The flat edges lifts food off the bottom of the pot and the angled tip gets into corners of your pan.

We try to cook at home as much as possible. It is not only healthier, but really helps to bond my daughter and I. Our most recent recipe rumble was making strawberry jam. I used the Spanker and my little one used the Spank (perfectly sized for her needs). She was stirring away. I had to rush to wash them to make our homemade beef stew. Sounds crazy, but now I cannot live without them. Envy away! Or better yet, get your favorite chef these fab Acacia Wooden Paddles as the ultimate holiday treat!

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