Thursday, December 1, 2011

For Small Hands

Anyone with children knows that they love to help and do the same things we do. Children learn by watching their parents and adults and emulating their actions. That is why I cook and clean with my daughter. I learned from Montessori teachings that those seemingly simple actions are actually teaching a child about measurement, actions, and even practice for writing by simply holding a sponge. Amazing! Montessori Services was founded in 1976 to provide Montessori teachers with the tools they need to bring child-sized items to the classroom. For Small Hands was created in 2004 as their family resource catalog at the request of Montessori teachers.
For Small Hands gives parents access to many of the same child-size items children use at school, enabling children to participate in the home environment with the same ease and success they enjoy in the classroom.

We are a huge fan of the For Small Hands catalog and online shop. I find the most amazing items that my daughter can use in everyday life. The new favorites are the Glass Pitcher with Lid and the Durable Juice Glasses. They are scaled to a child's size, so your little one can get their own water, juice or milk. The feeling of independence is so special for children. For weeks before we got the set, my daughter kept arguing that she was old enough to use the family glasses. I was wary, but this set made it possible for her to feel grown-up and learn the skills you need to hold and be careful with a glass. With the holidays coming up, I cannot wait to stock up on more items that allow her to participate in family activities with ease.

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