Saturday, December 17, 2011

B.I.C. Bands

It seems that I am always running around these days. I am frantic to get my holiday things done before my daughter is home again full-time for her vacation. To add to the fun, I have taken up exercising again. That means my wavy hair goes haywire. I sometimes have mere minutes to grab something to tame my Rosanna Dana hair and get out the door. I choose BIC Bands. They actually stay in (no slipping) and keep my hair looking cute and tame. I can even exercise in them!

BIC Bands were started as a fundraiser by Sandy for her run with Team In Training. She was looking for a way to raise the necessary funds to run her first half marathon. She donated the profits to The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. OVER $1000 was raised through the sale of B.I.C. Bands!
Sandy now makes B.I.C. Bands to give back to people in need.

B.I.C. Bands~ Because I Can Bands ~We raise funds because we can…for those who can’t so that one day they will!

Each month they donate from the sale of every band to a different charity.
How amazing is that?! My daughter loves her B.I.C. Band (which Sandy kindly made smaller-sized for my little one). It is is literally the only hair accessory she ever walks out of school still wearing at the end of the day. No more slipping, or frustration, and you are helping to give back. Everyone wins with B.I.C. Bands.

They also make a fabulous stocking stuffer (just saying).

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