Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Cuppa Tea

I think tea was always one of those things I assumed my daughter would not like. I was so used to giving her water, until one day I noticed her sipping my herbal tea. We were on to something new. I love nothing more than a warm (sometimes cold) cup of tea. I think some of it stems from living in England for a bit, where tea is a religion. The Republic of Tea truly make the best teas I have ever had. Their entire line is so lovely. Even better, they make a whole line for little tea drinkers, aptly names Little Citizens. With delicious flavors to chose from, your child will go crazy for the Little Citizens teas.
Nothing warms a little tummy more than some tea before school, or if you little one is feeling poorly. Our personal favorite is the Strawberry Vanilla Red Tea. I have a hard time getting my daughter to limit herself to one or two cups. She is crazy for it. She likes to put whatever she does not drink in the morning into the fridge for a cool drink when she gets home. The Republic of Tea donates $1 from the sale of this tea to support Room to Read to establish libraries in underprivileged countries. The Little Citizens' Travel Cup is the perfect container for keeping tea warm, while allowing me to bring it out to her on the go. She now calls it her "morning cup". Children can enjoy the same relaxing, delicious drink of tea that we adults so covet. It really changes her mood, and gets her ready for her day.
While she sips away, mommy enjoys some Dream by the Fire with the soothing, warming flavors of vanilla and cinnamon red tea. Such a nice treat on these increasingly cold and frosty mornings.

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