Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Rhythm of Family

I have lived on the East Coast most of my life. I really love the changing of seasons, but until I had my daughter, I am not sure I really fully appreciated them. Once you have a child, you start to see the world through different eyes. Everything becomes new. Her first fall, snowfall, rainfall suddenly became special to me too. Now, we try to really mark each season, and I am always looking for new ways to do this. Perhaps one of the most beautiful and meaningful books on this subject is The Rhythm of Family by Amanda Blake Soule and Stephen Soule. This book explores living a simpler life and helping children to really enjoy spending time outdoors and enjoy the passing seasons. It is split up into the twelve months of year and each chapter begins with a lovely anecdotes, memories and thoughts by the two authors about that time of year. It helps parents and children to "live in tune with the cycles of nature."

The Rhythm of Family explores what we learn and can gain as parents and families by encouraging and experiencing creativity and nature exploration with our children, the seasons can provide us with a rhythm that brings us close to the earth, and closer to our children.

Each month also explores a nature-related activity, from ice wreaths in winter, to growing sprouts in February and even recipes for September. We were so excited about The Rhythm of Family that we have already done quite a few of the activities. We grew our own sprouts from sunflower seeds, made a postcard block, created beautiful stamp-work using parts of nature (trees, branches) and even dyed our own wool for a doll I am making with golden beets from our garden. This book has inspired so much creativity and actually has us excited for the impending cold spell because we cannot wait to make the ice wreath. We love spending the time together and exploring the ideas and activities that make the seasons and family so beautiful.

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