Monday, September 26, 2011

Brad's Raw Foods

I am always looking for healthy snacks for my family. I have to admit that when it comes to choosing something to snack on, healthy does not always win. We like Brad's Raw Foods when we want a delicious snack that has that crunch without all of those bad-for-you ingredients. Brad's Raw Foods was started by Brad. He realized how unhealthy he felt and because necessity is the mother of invention, he created his own line of healthy snacks to make his raw diet even more delicious. The chips are not fried or baked and are all vegan and gluten free making them a healthy snack for the entire family. You may be skeptical...can a healthy chip really taste good? You betcha! The raw chips and raw snacks from Brad's Raw Foods are all so tasty, you can fool even the most discerning toddler into forgetting they are actually eating something healthy!
Brad Says:
My mission is to inform people, young and old, of the benefits of eating raw foods.
My chips are made from vegetables grown by local farmers in Bucks County, Pennsylvania (when available). Blended with sprouted flax seeds, buckwheat groats, and spices, my chips are rich in protein and enzymes.
The result is a wholesome chip that is both a delicious and complete food.

We are particularly partial to the Kale Chips. My daughter and I fight over who gets them. My four year old has a big thing for the Vampire Killer Leafy Kale Chips. She is a garlic aficionado, so this satisfies her needs for a snack with a kick. She actually taunts me with them, before she gobbles them so I cannot have any. We actually eat the Kale Chips in place of popcorn and crackers now.

I like to serve the Red Bell Pepper chips with homemade hummus. They are the perfect texture!

Be sure to check out Brad's Raw Foods on Facebook, and on Twitter for the latest news and flavors. Happy (healhty) snacking.

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