Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Navitas Naturals

I am always looking for ways to add more healthy foods to our lives. You all know about our love of smoothies and seeds etc. I am also trying to work with more "green companies" to provide us with the products we use. Navitas Naturals is a company based in Marin County, California that provides certified organic functional foods. The “Navitas” in the name is the Latin word for energy. The foods are all free of additives, trans fats and are always as pure as can be. Navitas Naturals says:

Our company is committed to socially and environmentally responsible business practices. We source our premium functional foods through direct partnerships with farming communities around the world. An essential part of our mission is to create economic opportunities among indigenous people in developing countries, and our support of native agriculture helps expand development of global organic farming practices.

We got a few products to try. We loved every single one. The Goldenberries are nutritionally packed with anti-inflammatory bioflavonoids, vitamins A and C, and protein. They are 100% pure are certified organic, kosher, gluten-free, vegan, and raw. They do not contain any added sugar or preservatives. My daughter loved the sweet and sour taste. We did not even get the chance to bake with them because she ate them right out of the bag for snack.

The Maqui Powder, made from ground Maqui berries offers more antioxidants than any discovered fruit.
Recent studies have demonstrated the nutrition in maqui berries can support a wide variety of bodily functions, including brain performance, heart health, liver strength, anticancer activity and – as the Machupe Indians likely know – overall longevity.
We added ours to smoothies, and even sprinkled on to oatmeal for a tart delicious treat!

We also are known to have a little bit of sweet tooth (just a little one), so the Organic Superfood Chocolate Kit . The kit came with cacao butter, cacao powder and even cacao nibs: a synergistic combination of exciting power ingredients that's packed with antioxidants, phytonutrients, vitamins, essential minerals, and is sugar and dairy free. We decided to use a chocolate mold we had for crafts. My daughter was very into helping to melt the cacao butter and mixing in the powder. I loved the delicious crunch added by the cacao nibs. Hands down, this one was a winner!

We now have a new "go-to" for healthy treats.

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