Friday, July 22, 2011

Janet Waddell Haircare

Summer does a number on my hair. I spend most of my time either swimming or gardening and I get scorched ends from the sun and chlorine. My usual haircare routine was not cutting it. Then an angel came and lead me to Janet Waddell. Janet Waddell ran the LA Vidal Sassoon Salon and worked with renowned stylist John Barrett, as his Education Director and Senior Stylist in his Bergdorf Goodman location. Allure Magazine named her best haircutter NYC and Esquire Magazine credited her as best Men’s hair expert. She (thankfully) decided to launch her own salon and fabulous haircare line. The secret to the line: Emu Oil. Emu Oil that is naturally sourced; a magical potion used by Australian Aborigines for over 2,000 years.

Her shampoo is aptly named gorgeous. It is Paraben free and uses 100% natural and botanical ingredients. I am wild about the scent (a delicious citrus, I describe as a a fizzy orange lime). Usually shampoos feel like they are stripping my hair, but this shampoo gives me body, shine and a softness beyond compare.

The conditioner is called flawless. The Emu Oil makes it ultra-moisturizing and the added grapeseed has powerful antioxidant effects. Like the shampoo, the delicious scent is the perfect summertime pick-me-up. What baffles me is how she got a conditioner to work just as well on thick lush hair as on my own fine hair. It is not too heavy, leaves the right amount of moisture and leaves no greasy residue.

The genius hair balm is my secret weapon. Whether I am going straight or curly, it makes it happen without weighing it down, without a greasy or oily look. My husband, daughter and I all use it to style and we really do think Janet Waddell is a genius for creating this.

I love that the whole line is Paraben free and uses natural and botanical ingredients. Now I am planning my visit to her salon in NYC because I cannot get enough of Janet Waddell...she has saved my summer hair.

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