Thursday, March 31, 2011


I love watching my daughter create. I also think giving her a challenge every now and then helps to further develop her mind, and her imagination. Topozoo are the perfect way to combine both imagination and problem solving. Topozoo are made in the USA from formaldehyde-free recycled wood and child-safe color stains. All sets are safe for kids age 3 and up. They have everything from dinosaurs to mythical creatures, safari animals and even Spring-inspired rabbits and ducks.

When we first got the dinosaur set, my daughter made sure to put all of the blue pieces together, red, etc., then she got creative. So the T-rex became a fun hybrid of her own design. Topozoo are also a great way for kids to have fun together. We had some friends over, and it was fun to watch the kids create their own designs and make up stories to go with them. I love that Topozoo are made from recycled wood. It is an eco-conscious company. The cardboard box they come in are perfect for storage. I cannot wait to get more. These would also be so adorable in a child's room (or even an office, as my husband sneakily suggested because he wanted them).

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