Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hazel Village...the Land of Animal Friends

I love Easter and springtime. My favorite thing to do is getting all of the fun goodies for my daughter's basket. I try and find fun items you can enjoy for years to come. That means I eschew most of the usual Easter items they peddle in stores. I especially love finding a special cuddly friend that she will have for years. The cuddly toy is always the main centerpiece of the baskets I create. This year, I went searching on my favorite site, Etsy. (I am telling you people, Etsy has everything!). I found the usual bunnies etc., and then BAM! I found Hazel Village. Adorable, handmade animals ranging from bunnies, to frogs, foxes, mice, and even a racoon! I instantly fell in love. They are not only super duper cute, they were so unique and special (like your child and yourself). I love the handmade details, and that for each animal there is a male or female so everyone can have one.

We chose Flora Fox. She arrived in a scented muslin bag (delicious lavender scent) and was the perfect cuddle size. Any plans on saving her for the Easter basket was blown out of the water. My daughter jumped in arms first and grabbed Flora. Since that day, Flora the Fox is a bedtime pal and reading buddy. She is so soft and cuddly. As for me, well I will be visiting Hazel Village to find another friend to join Flora. The real issue will be trying to choose just one. Hazel Village is offering free shipping for Product Mommy readers. Just use the code "productmommy11".

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