Monday, March 28, 2011

Sail Away With Me....

As spring is coming right within my grasp, I am aching to get outside an enjoy some fresh air...and pretty soon some swimming and playing in the ocean. My daughter has that same spring/summer fever. I went in search of a boat for her to play with in the water. I only came up with plastic ones...not what I wanted. I found Tweet on Etsy. Tweet has the best handmade products from wooden caravans, to mobiles. And yes, wooden toy sailboats.

The boats are 8" long, and 8" tall. American pine, cotton sails and string, and beeswax finish. They float just perfectly in the bath or in a puddle or brook. We got ours a few days ago, and Miss "please can i skip my bath" has been begging for one every minute. She loves her new sailboat. Since it is still chilly outside, we were forced to use the sink. She went wild. An unsuspecting soap wedge found itself as a passenger on her ship. She is in her glory. Tweet does such a wonderful job in making the sailboat sturdy and fun. So now we are hankering to get down to our brook to float our sailboat, oh and in the pool too, and maybe some tide pools....

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