Tuesday, March 22, 2011

rms beauty...Naturally

Many cosmetics lines claim to be "all-natural" and "organic", and then you read the ingredients and shudder. rms beauty is finally the real deal! Makeup Artist, Rose-Marie Swift was experiencing health issues and her body contained large levels of toxins including Aluminum and Lead. Through questioning, she realized it was her work with cosmetics that was causing this. She decided to do something about this, and in 2008 she launched rms Beauty, the first truly organic color cosmetics brand in the world.

My cosmetics routine changed greatly when I became pregnant and then a mother. I started to pay more attention to what was touching my skin, and that went into overdrive when my toddler started getting into everything. rms beauty is natural, not only with the ingredients used, but in the way they wear. I cannot stand heavy makeup, so this line is perfect for me. The products that I have been lucky enough to try, are all winners.

The "un-cover" up is a melts right into your skin covering flaws, without looking heavy. It actually heals your skin. I have very dry patches under my eyes in winter, and this not only got rid of them, but covered my "less than eight hours sleep" dark circles. I even use it to cover blemishes.

The lip2cheek is perfect for that natural glow. It comes in an array of colors. I found the pigment to be just enough to give me a glow, and it seemed to work with my skin rather than sitting on top of it. One quick dab on my cheeks really lasts all day.

The cream eye shadows are also 100% natural and come in six different shades. They are moisturizing and a little goes a long way. They are perfect for dry eyelids and instead of accentuating wrinkles like most shadows, they hide them, giving you a youthful glow. No crazy glitter in these, just a nice subtle, youthful, glossy look.

My favorite product is the living luminizer. It looks amazing because it is not sticky, greasy or glittery. I use it on my brow bones, and on top of my cheeks (works wonderfully with the lip2cheek). It gives me that glow that makes it look like I am well-rested.

rms beauty does not use any genetically modified ingredients. This is a line that has done the research and knows what is not only good for your skin, but good for your health. Looking your best should never be at the cost to your health.

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