Tuesday, February 22, 2011

John Masters, a Master of Organic Body Care

We only get one body, and we only get one planet. Why not treat them both with the utmost care? -John Masters

John Masters began making organic products 20 years ago, before it was "popular" to do so. His products still remain some of the safest and purest on the market. From skincare, to body and haircare, he is truly an alchemist at creating products that not only work, but are often organic and free of parabens, sls and harsh chemicals. He was the recipient in 2004 of the Soil Association Award for Best Organic Product Line in Europe. I was lucky enough to try some of the products from each part of his line and I am now a devotee!

John Masters' first product he created was his Dry Hair Nourishment and Defrizzer. It is a blend of 100% certified-organic plant and essential oils and can be used as a treatement for dry hair, and to smooth down those split-ends we all sport at one time or another. It smells amazing with lavender, rosemary and cedarwood. A tiny bit goes a long way. I find myself grabbing the bottle often. As a mom I have few free moments to get myself to a salon, and this makes me look a little more groomed. Also, after smoothing this through your hair, your hands are amazingly soft!

John Masters Sea Mist is the perfect way to get the beachy-hair look. It is also certified 100% organic and is a simple mix of sea salt and contains lavender to protect hair from damage. Again, I hardly have time to shower, never mind smooth my hair for hours, so I pop out of the shower, spray this in and voila! I am ready to face the world. Also, it makes my hair smell amazing!

John Masters Rose Foaming Face Wash contains healing plantain leaf to soothe skin, and pure organic essential rose oil to improve blood circulation. My face felt clean and refreshed. This is a great face wash for taking off cosmetics, and I know it will become my summer face wash staple to sooth my sun-kissed skin, while removing pily residue from sunscreen.

I finished my skincare regime with John Masters Rose and Apricot Antioxidant Day Creme. It is like a little miracle in a bottle. High in omega-6, this creme hydrates and protects the skin against harmful bacteria, while oat kernel extract stimulates pro-collagen production resulting in soft, healthy skin. My skin just looked...brighter, better and yes, even younger. This was the perfect pick-me-up to the winter grey face I usually sport.

My favorite (though I loved them all, so it was hard to choose) was John Masters Blood Orange and Vanilla Body Wash. It smells so good, I could have (and almost did) drink it. It brightens my mood in the morning, and even better, it is sulfate-free using corn and coconut surfactants. It was so gentle,and even in harsh New England weather I did not walk out of the shower and immediately feel like a dry desert. It actually moisturized my skin.

I love John Masters and his philosophy. Our bodies and our earth both deserve our care. Now I know why No More Dirty Looks praised John Masters as one of pioneers of organic body care.

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  1. Thanks for the post on organic products. I have read your whole post and I really liked it. Great Work!!


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