Thursday, December 9, 2010

GLOB it On!

Want to know one of the coolest gifts I plan on giving for the Holidays? GLOB! GLOB? What's that you ask? Well, Glob Natural Paints are amazing. They are botanically crafted colors made from fruits, vegetables, flowers and spices with natural food-grade ingredients and organic extracts. They are pigments that become paint by adding water. The pigments in GLOB are the same ones used by different cultures for body products, paint and in food. GLOB Natural Paint is sustainable, natural and biodegradable. The paint conforms to safety standards ASTM D 4236, EN71 and the CPSIA

So sure, it sounds cool, but why GLOB when there are "non-toxic" paints on the market? GLOB explains that most arts and crafts products do not list ingredients. You as the consumer see "non toxic" and believe they are safe.

Art pigments (colors) are commonly made from petrochemicals, and the actual hazards of these materials are not always known. In the US, synthetic pigments that have never been tested for toxicity can be labeled "non-toxic." The rationale? There is no data to prove otherwise.*

Arts and crafts paints are exempt from consumer paint lead laws, and often contain lead, cadmium, and host of toxic ingredients* like formaldehyde (a carcinogen), one of the most common paint preservatives.

There are demands for low odor and fume, lead-free house paints, but what about arts and crafts paint? Those same "non toxic" paints may not be hazardous to just you, but when you wash it down the drain, it can be toxic to fish and other wildlife. GLOB is safe for you and safe to wash down the drain.

We got the set of 6 packets each filled with vibrant pigment that smells amazing. A little bit went a super long way (even working with a 3 year old, who takes GLOB it on to heart. I fell in love and decided I need more for friends and family members who love working with arts and crafts. Now that we have used this and know more about it, we cannot imagine using another paint. I am also talking to a local school about the wonderful GLOB line.

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