Monday, November 29, 2010

Pur Minerals

This is the time of year when my skin takes on a ghostly pallor and I look like I am part amphibian with super dry skin. I admit, getting myself prepped and ready is so far down on the list of important things to do. I would rather my child looks presentable, but sometimes I get a glimpse of myself and try to make some effort. Now, effort for me is still all about keeping it simple. I like to use products on my face that are not only quality but keep my skin looking fresh and healthy with good ingredients. Pur Minerals is the place to make that happen. The Pur Minerals line is made with natural minerals that are safe to use on your skin. What I like best is that each product is easy to use and does not come with a full instruction manual. Makeup should be easy!

I decided to try the Hot Rocks. Pur Minerals Hot Rocks are little rocks of color to add multi-dimensional color to your face. One swipe on each each with my brush and I am ready to go. Color is very easy to layer. I even use the Hot Rocks as an eyeshadow. It is pretty rewarding to do so little work, for such a great effect. Best of all, my skin looks better because I am using this amazing product.

The other product from Pur Minerals that I am just in love with is the Lip Revival. Lip Revival is a wonderful lip volumizing lip balm that is chemical-free. It draws your own lip moisture to fill in lines in your lips, making them appear fuller. I have been using this to moisturize and in place of goopy glosses. It is non-scented and very effective.

So now I make an effort, and have gone from ghostly to glamorous...well let's not push it.


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