Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I remember my first homemade doll. My grandmother made her for me, and to this day, she is still with me. My daughter now play with her and I cannot even express how much that means to me. My baby doll was simple with yarn pigtails and a little coy grin. My grandmother loved knitting her clothing and making her dresses. I have searched high and low for the perfect baby doll for my daughter to start her own tradition. I was on Etsy when I found Moonchild Dolls. Creator of Moonchild Studio, Berrie has been making Waldorf style dolls for years, and she is a true artist. I was overjoyed to find beautifully handcrafted dolls and clothing that were unlike anything I had ever seen. Each doll by Moonchild is unique, and you can even choose skin tone, hair, eye color etc. You feel like you are really part of the process.

Product Baby (or toddler) recently had her 3rd birthday and I decided it was high time to start the handmade doll tradition. Moonchild Dolls made her the perfect baby (Product Toddler promptly named her Ellie. Ellie came in an adorable, reversible sleep sack that is so bright and fun. She was wearing a lap front tee and even has a little diaper. Because she is such a wonderful size (15") and has a delightful realistic weight to her, my daughter feels like she has her own real baby. The simple expression allows my child to determine what mood she want Ellie to be in. I know she will have this doll forever, and I hope someday, my daughter can pass this baby on.

Moonchild Dolls are simply fantastic. They are unique, and so special, just like your children!


  1. We have a Moonchild doll and LOVE LOVE LOVE him. We have another custom on the way and we couldn't be happier with Berrie's dolls. She is so sweet to work with and everything is so perfect. I'm glad you daughter will have a friend for life! :)

  2. We just received our first Moonchild and our doll is perfect from head to toe and the clothing and accessories are TDF!!! Super special little dolly in our house! The pics don't do the dolls justice! When you actually see the doll in person, she is more beautiful than your eyes can imagine!


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