Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sweet Grass Farm`

I have always had this image of myself of as farmer girl. I love the whole bucolic dream of working my own farm; growing what I eat and milking my own cows. In reality, I could never manage a farm. I am not an early bird by any means. I do however enjoy products that remind me of that simple, yet wonderful existence. Sweet Grass Farm is a company that makes simple yet wonderfully effective home care and body care products. Their products make my home a wonderful place to be. Sweet Grass Farm is based out of NH, where they make their products with simple and natural ingredients.

The Laundry Soap is exquisite. It is super concentrated, and a very little goes a long way. It is biodegradable and great for people with skin sensitivities. We got ours in Lemon Verbena, and I am obsessed with the smell. Each load of laundry smells like a summer day. I love how the scent lightly lingers. It gets out stains, without using harsh chemicals which often ruin clothes. It comes in four different wonderful scents to choose from.

The Fragrance Sticks come in a wide assortment of fragrances. Instead of burning a candle all day, these are a great alternative (especially for those with little ones). I got Lavender, and I it makes my whole place smell soooooo good. I am a Lavender-phile. I love the simple glass bottle. It looks pretty wonderful in my room, and reminds me of an old apothecary.

My favorite product from the body care line is the Spring Chicken Muscle Rub. It is cinnamon scented, and does wonders for those aching muscles. It is made with pure cassia and peppermint essential oils, plus heat expressed Calendula oil (used for centuries for inflammation and pain relief, as well as cell regeneration). All the above is mixed into a great, soothing and vitamin rich canola oil gel. If you do any kind of moving around, you have to have this in your arsenal of cure-alls. The packaging is so kitchsy and wonderful. My mother was babysitting, and tried some on her knee, then promptly told me she loves it and needs some for her birthday. I love it for soothing my lower back after gardening.

Sweet Grass Farm has something for everyone. Their products are simple, yet utterly effective. You have to love products that make you just feel good when you use them!

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