Monday, August 2, 2010

Kiss My Face Gives Peace a Chance!

Kiss My Face has been making natural and organic skincare for a long time now. It was founded by two vegetarians looking for natural skincare. Kiss My Face started on a 200-acre organic farm in New York's beautiful Hudson River Valley. It is still located in the Hudson Valley today, operating out of a former feed store and converted barn. It does not get more natural than that.

Now Kiss My Face has come out with one of my favorite products Kiss My Face Peace Soap. A very large 34 oz. bottle has “Peace” written on it in every language imaginable. Peace Soap is a 100% natural all purpose Castile soap. It comes in four different wonderful scents. Our favorite is Grassy Mint which smells just like the spearmint gum I used to chew as a kid. Peace Soap has 101 uses. No, really! It does! You can use this soap for anything from washing your body and hair to cleaning your kitchen! I promise, I have done all the things mentioned with it. Nothing feels better on a hot summer day than a nice minty wash my Grassy Mint Peace Soap. It has no parabens, SLS, phthalates, artificial fragrance. It is also gluten free, does not test on animals and is biodegradable. We love this as a camping soap too, as a way to wash off the muck without putting environmental toxins into the river. My favorite thing about Peace Soap? 10% of the profits from Peace Soap support Seeds of Peace. Seeds of Peace is a wonderful organization that brings teenagers together from opposite sides of conflict (eg. Israel and Palestine) for conflict resolution training at a camp in Maine. These teenagers learn to work with each other, and it is a small step in changing the future of these teenagers and the countries they live in! Peace be with you!

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