Wednesday, June 16, 2010

[me] & goji

Have you ever been at the store, trying to pick out a healthy cereal for you and your family, but unable to find what you need? Enter [me] & goji, an incredible new site that allows you to build your own cereal! [me] & goji leads you through the process with a cereal base (I chose flax seed flakes) and then you can add anything from dried berries to chia seeds. Your own design is then carefully prepared by [me] & goji and voila! This is a great option for people with food allergies too!

You get your cereal delivered within days in a very cool capsule. The capsules are 100% recyclable and the shipping boxes are 100% post-consumer waste. A store-bought box of cereal contains only 11-16 ounces of cereal , but since the capsules hold 20 ounces of cereal and 30 ounces of granola or muesli (depending on which cereal you make) you are getting 50-90% MORE CEREAL than a standard box. You can even name your creation and add a picture to the packaging! Even cooler is the fact that they put nutritional information on there for you. The company is very eco-friendly. They hand mix the cereals so there is no electrical and machine use (except for seaming). They also use all-natural and organic ingredients.

I designed two cereals. My first I named “Super Mega Mommy Crunch”, which is made up of Flaxed and Flaked (the base), Choco Goji, Raspberry, Goldenberry, Blueberry, Cranberry and Sliced Almond. My other cereal I named “It’s All in the Seeds” and that one was Golden Granola (made up of tons of oats, seeds and flavorings), Cinnamon, Apple, Currant, Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower Seeds and Chia. Both cereals are delicious. Product Baby enjoyed the “Super Mega Mommy Crunch” with milk and she shovels in the “It’s All in the Seeds” completely dry. [me] & goji is simply genius! I love having a choice in what I eat (without having to do all of the actual work to make the cereal). Mmmmmm..mmmmmm…mmmmmm….

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