Monday, June 21, 2010

Cate & Levi

What do you do as a parent when you want your child to have environmentally responsible and handcrafted toys? You start your own company like Josh Title did! Cate & Levi was started in Canada by father Josh Title. He wanted toys that actually meant something. He sources locally reclaimed wool to make the toys in the Cate & Levi collection By sourcing reclaimed wool Cate & Levi is not only being socially responsible, they are also giving your child a unique toy. No two Cate & Levi toys are exactly alike!

We got a Giraffe Hand Puppet. It is so colorful and so well-made. I love that the carbon footprint of this toy is so small (from the local resourced materials, reclaimed wool and being handmade by the actual company selling them). We have been using Mr. Giraffe to encourage my daughter to clean up after her little messes. I loved explaining to my little Environmental Warrior why this puppet was so unique. It helped to have a fun way to explain recycling!
Don’t forget to check out the other Stuffed Toys, Pillow Pal, Zoo Cubes and Wall Art from Cate & Levi. Cate & Levi is doing their part of help children understand what being environmentally responsible and socially responsible too; they are donating 10% of their proceeds to charities that help children in need.

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