Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sprout...It is TIME to be Eco-friendlly

Lately a lot more companies are taking a look at the product they make or want to make, and are wisely finding ways to make things more environmentally friendly. I was pretty excited to read about Sprout. Sprout makes eco-friendly watches! Yes, you read that right! With 50 years of making timepieces, Sprout asked how they could make a difference, and a greener timepiece was created.
The small watches are 80% eco-friendly and the large size is 86% eco-friendly. How is a watch eco-friendly? Pay attention dear readers, this is how:
The watches are lead and phthalate free. The Caseback, Bezel, Reflector Ring and Movement Holder and the Buckle Closure are all made with Corn Resin. The Strap is certified organic cotton. The dial is bamboo. It has mineral crystal and used a mercury-free battery.
The watch will not break down during regular wear and use, but in a composite environment, the corn resin is 99% biodegradable to carbon dioxide and water within a year. Corn is a renewable resource. Bamboo is a natural fiber with many environmental benefits, and, Mineral crystal is made from sand and recyclable. Even the packaging is made from at least 80% post consumer fibers. It is both recycled and recyclable. One of the coolest features of the packaging is that it comes with a square that can be watered and set in the sun to grow real grass!
I was skeptical, but I instantly fell in love with my watch. I got the larger size, which is perfect for my needs. These watches retail for a very nice $30, so you can afford to have more than one. Product Baby kept begging me to wear it and we plan on getting her a smaller one. I think these little steps are so important to the overall big picture. You get something sturdy and environmentally friendly. Isn’t is “Time” to make a change?
EARTH DAY ALERT: Sprout has signed on as an official sponsor of Earth Day 2010 (40th Anniversary) and will be in Washington D.C, San Diego and NYC promoting sustainability and environmental awareness with dozens of other eco-related brands and organizations. These events are perfect for families and spending time together for an educational and good cause!

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