Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Shake it up!

It is fabulous that lots of companies are making fashionable car seat covers. I have to say, it is a relief that you can express yourself and take a boring car seat to the next level. However, I have had a few issues. We have a Britax Marathon Car Seat, which we adore. As soon as my daughter was out of her infant carrier, she went straight into this car seat. Unfortunately so did every thing she ate and drank. I found myself having to wash the cover, then get it back into the car, while juggling a toddler. I bought a car seat cover and wah wahhh, it was not a good experience. Because it came with no padding, I put it over the existing Marathon cover. It kept slipping and was generally not a good experience. Then I realized, Britax sells their own car seat covers! You can buy a replacement car seat cover with shoulder and belly pad in your choice of pattern. We chose Cowmooflage because I knew it would hold my daughter’s attention and be useful for a boy or girl. It is not only adorable, but so much better than using another cover over the perfection of Britax one. She loves it, we love it! Britax has this option to get other car seat covers for most of their infant-toddler car seats. It is fun to change things up, and if you have a fussy toddler, it is a nice way to make the car seat seem exciting again!

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  1. So cute!

    And you should never be using a product not designed for YOUR car seat. Other aftermarket products are a big no-go!


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