Monday, April 12, 2010

Kinderville, a Kinder Way to Store Food

Kinderville is a collection of amazing food storage products created by two parents who were tired of the plastic only options available. They offer safe products including feeding and food storage systems, bowls, bottles, sippy cups, utensils etc.. They are all safety-tested and are BPA, Phthalate and Lead Free. All of the items are made from a high grade silicone. They can be used in the freezer, microwave and refrigerator and are dishwasher safe. Each item is also bacteria resistant! You can literally go from fridge, right to heating up your child’s food and then popping it into the microwave. We were lucky enough to try a few items from this amazing line. I am now a fan forever!

The Little Bites Storage Jars are perfect for storing baby food and snacks alike. We are out of the baby food stage in this house, but we use ours to store berries for days at the beach or the playground. The unique design makes the jar stay closed so well, and keeps the item inside hot or cold.
The Bigger Bites Storage Jars are wonderful for larger meals for kids who are in school all day, or even sending your significant other to work with a healthy lunch. I found these to be perfect for sending pasta dinners to work with my husband. I cannot get enough of how easy they are to use, and how wonderful it is to not use plastic containers. Our Bigger Bites Jar recently stored a wonderful fruit salad that refreshed us on our very unseasonal 90 Degree beach day this week.
The Little Bites Bowls are wonderful for morning cereal or oatmeal. If you ever took a real look at most of the dishes for children, you realize you cannot microwave them. I often have to heat up my daughter’s food, then switch it to a kid-sized bowl for her –what a waste of resources! These bowls totally changed that!
The Little Bites Cups are just as fantastic. I like bringing this cup for picnics because it will not break in the bag and it allows my daughter to be “like a grown-up.” I also noticed that it stays put on the dinner table, so she has less spilling accidents.
My daughter’s favorite is probably the Little Bites Popscicle Molds. You can make your own freezer pops that make it easy for your child to eat. No need to try and pop them out, the container becomes the holder. We also use ours filled with yogurt for a nice, mess-free treat.
I cannot say enough good things about Kinderville. The products are wonderful, and they have gone through multiple uses and washes. Stop using plastic that does more harm than good, and have fun with Kinderville!

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