Friday, April 2, 2010

Beautiful Books!

I have been remiss in not posting about some of our favorite books. We love reading in this family and more than one fight has ensued when my daughter wants to take her whole bookshelf into bed with her.
One of our newest favorites is a book called Agate by Joy Morgan Dey and Nikki Johnson. Agate is the story of Agate the Moose who has very low self-esteem. He compares himself to his other animals friends (all named after precious stones), and feels he is lacking. Through this story he learns from these friends that he is special too! The illustrations are nothing short of amazing. The book has a lovely message and is a pleasure. Check it out!

The other book that makes a frequent appearance is Snoozers by Sandra Boynton. Boynton books have always been a favorite of mine for the funny illustrations and the kooky rhyming. Snoozers is seven short stories all based around going to sleep. It will make your little one laugh before bed, while incorporating that underlying message of "you need to sleep, little one."

Happy reading (and Happy Easter and Happy Passover, or just a simple Happy Spring).

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