Monday, March 15, 2010

better for babies Little Beetle Learner

I wish I had been brave enough to cloth diaper. I just went with whatever my family did, and I have to say I regret it. I hope that I have another child and I plan on cloth diapering. better for babies has everything to get you on that right path. They make Little Beetle from newborn all the way through to potty training. I am especially intrigued by the Little-to-Big with snaps that allow you to size it to your needs so you can start using it on a little baby and let it grow with your child. It saves money and time. better for babies was started by a mom and the site has all the info from A-Z that you need to make cloth diapering a positive experience. I love the information on the site.
Since I made the mistake of not cloth diapering my child as an infant, I wanted Potty training to be a positive experience. My daughter is beginning potty training and I believe it was sending her a mixed message to put her in a diaper that pulled up and down. better for babies sent us the Little Beetle Learner. The Little Beetle Learner can be pulled on, but also has snaps on the side to unsnap if you so choose. It is made from two layers of fair trade organic velour cotton, with a third layer tucked into the wet zone and hidden by some very sporty stitching! The Learners are 100% natural fibers which means no PUL or other waterproofing layer. You can add a wool soaker short for heavy duty needs. Designed to catch an small accident or miss while headed to the potty, the fit is trim yet contemporary. The Little Beetle Learners are almost as absorbent as Little Beetle diapers and thus can serve double duty if you like (for use as a diaper, add a doubler and wool soaker short). We tried ours recently and even though she had a little accident, I would never have known it unless she told me. The Little Beetle Learner soaked it right up. I put it through the wash and it looks like new. My daughter loves that she has room to move around and she is psyched she is not wearing a "diaper" is a win/win. Potty training should always be a positive experience, and with Little Beetle by better for really is.

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