Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Moa The Green Balm

I love love love anything with the word “Balm” in it. I love the association with soothing and healing. It makes me think of living in the mountains in the 1800’s with poultices being made from natural herbs to soothe anything from a toothache to a leg that is falling off. Sorry I digress. As I said, I love the word "balm", and I love when I find one that really works. Case in point – Moa The Green Balm. Moa is a 100% natural organic healing balm that is made in small batches in Iceland. It contains Icelandic Yarrow which has amazing healing properties. All of the herbs used in Moa comes from sustainable sources and are certified organic. It can be used on both adults and children because it is so gentle. It treats anything from burns and cradle cap to sore throat (when mixed with honey and hot water)!

The Facts about Moa:

• 100% natural product
• 100% organic herbs
• Concentrated active ingredients
• No chemicals
• No artificial preservatives
• No perfume
• No alcohol
• No parabens
• No lanolin
The herbs it contains are extra special because Iceland’s bitterly cold climate creates slow-growing "super-herbs" which must adapt, in order to survive and in doing so, they develop exceptionally potent essential oils. In addition, the pure unpolluted air, thermal waters and mineral-rich volcanic soils boost these plants further still.

Moa comes from the Icelandic word Moan which means the wise woman who understands the power of the moors. Moa The Green Balm was created by Thury Gudmundsdottir from a recipe her grandmother passed down (how cool is that?). Thury used it to cure her sons third-degree burns. It really is a miracle balm.
Moa has a wonderfully herbal smell. I put mine to the ultimate test and decided to use it for all of my “balm” needs. It all but cured a cold sore, it moisturized the dry patches around my eyes, and I even used it to tidy my eyebrows and stray hair from a ponytail (wow I sound like a real beauty huh?). So now my travel bag has a new product and the seven others I used to need have gone!

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