Friday, January 29, 2010

Wallcandy Arts

My child likes to color on paper, her easel and if I am really lucky (said sarcastically) she colors my walls and carpets too! I have tried explaining, but then I gave up. I found a way to solve one of those problems. I found Chalkboard Animals from Wallcandy Arts. They are reusable wall stickers that your child can draw on over and over again with their favorite chalk. The set comes with 2 each of six large animals including Elephants, Giraffes and Rhinoceros'. The set even comes with chalk, so you are all set from the minute you get it.

My daughter was so anxious to get at them that I only got two up before she bumped me out of the way so she could color. Kids love them because they feel a little taboo. "You mean I can really color on the wall?" Instead of painting a whole wall with chalkboard paint, which lets admit it, would look a little dismal in a kids room, why not grab some chalkboard wall decals instead. If animals are not your thing, you have so many other choice from Wallcandy Arts including squares, circles, even an apple. I think these would make a great addition to a kitchen too. Just stick the decal to the wall, and suddenly you can remind little Timmy to take out the trash in a fun way! The possibilities are endless! If you move homes...they move with you and can use them again and again.
Wallcandy Arts was started by a mommy who understands what parents want and need when it comes to cool and easy decor. There are so many choices for wall decor. They are perfect for decorating any room in your home, Because they can come off, you and your walls are never too committed to a design (which is great for apartment dwellers). I know I cannot wait to order more-there is a large tree I am drooling over. Wallcandy Arts are a hit in this house.

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  1. Very cool idea! My daughter found a Sharpie after we remodeled the dining room that wasn't fun! I love this idea. Thanks for sharing and I'm going to go check out the site


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