Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Puj Tub

I wrote about Puj looking for product testers for its new baby tub a little while back. I was sent one to review, and I am pretty amazed. Bathing a newborn can be a little tricky, they are so little and add water, well... I know I had major issues bathing my daughter. She would squirm, and because it was so big and she was so little, I had to hold her, while trying to wash her. With the Puj Tub, parents are able to bathe their baby in a standard sink so there’s no bending over a big, awkward bathtub. The Puj Tub cradles the baby in a cushiony, non-absorbent and non-slip closed cell foam that is also PVC and BPA free. And once the bath is done, the Puj Tub dries fast and folds flat. So this is the perfect tub for homes or apartments, because it is not the typical bulky newborn tub. It really fits into the sink and cradles the baby, which provides a comfort zone. I tested ours on a finicky newborn cousin (thanks Jill), and he was super quiet and very smiley (unlike when he is in his huge plastic tub). I was super skeptical that it would not fit into our bathroom sinks, but it did and with ease. Also, I could keep the little one warm with running water (which also benefited me for rinsing). I am frankly distraught that I did not have this when I first had my daughter. The parents who designed this tub definitely knew what they were doing. This is the creme de la creme of baby bath tubs. Everything is a little trickier with a newborn, why not make at least one thing easier! Puj guarantees their tub, and if you are not satisfied for any reason they will refund you money (they know you will love it!), and 10% of sales are going to Haiti!


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  2. Hi, do you think this is better than the tummy tub? I have heard many good reviews on the tummy tub, this is the first time I have seen this one. It is aesthetically much more pleasing than the tummy tub. Just wondering if you have any experience that you could compare the two. Many thanks!


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