Friday, January 15, 2010

Ritzy Baby Shopping Cart Cover

I am absolutely the biggest germ-a-phobe out there. For me the ultimate in yuck! are shopping carts. So many people touch them with all matter of I do not know what on their hands. I had a generic shopping cart cover that I felt limited what I could do - it was basically a huge mess of cloth. I am delighted to tell you about Ritzy Baby Shopping Cart Covers. They come in the coolest patterns I have ever seen, and have great extra features that I love. We got one in Lime Star Paisley, and within minutes, I had two moms ask me where I got it. The covers can be used on shopping carts (including warehouse ones), restaurant high chairs, and safety swings at the park. The covers are reversible for two unique looks, and are generously designed to cover all of the germy areas. They are extra soft and have cushion for a smooth and comfy ride.

They have two toy clips and sippy-cup/bottle holders on each side. On the back there is a large sectioned pocket to store moms things, or baby's (it is perfect for holding shopping coupons). They are 100% machine washable, and you can use them with two children in the cart.

I have tried to show pics, but I apologize, it was night, and I was bargaining with my daughter to sit still. This is by far the best shopping cart cover out there. It looks great, does the job and then some, and most importantly keeps germs away from my child! I am super excited to try out more of Ritzy Baby products. I think the mommy that owns this business is super smart and definitely knows what real moms want!

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