Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Earth Mama Angel Baby - Heaven Sent Breastfeeding Support

Earth Mama Angel Baby is synonymous with all natural care for moms from prenatal to postpartum and everything in between. Their skincare for children is one of the safest out there (they get a 0 rating on Skin Deep). We use the Bottom Balm for everything from diaper rash to a soothing balm for bumps and bruises!
In honor of Breastfeeding week on Product Mommy I would be remiss in not telling you about a fabulous line of products from Earth Mama Angel Baby that are devoted to breastfeeding. We got the Breastfeeding Support Kit. The kit is full of every item you need to facilitate a better and more comfortable breastfeeding experience. Included in the kit are:
1. Milkmaid Tea which contains fennel and helps to support breast milk production.
2. The Natural Nipple butter that is lanolin-free and helps prevent sore, cracked nipples (I love this, as Lanolin based nipple creams actually hurt me)
3. Booby Tubes, gel-free breast packs made with organic cotton and filled with flax seed. They ease breasts sore from engorgement or mastitis, and can be used hot or cold. (As someone who tried to wear an ice pack to bed to soothe soreness, these seem like a godsend)
4. Bosom Buddies organic, herbal breast compresses provide extra nipple and engorgement care. They are filled with cabbage leaf and black tea (known for helping with mastitis and engorgement.

If you are or know a mom who is planning to, or already is breastfeeding, make their day with this fabulous kit. I will never breastfeed without it again!

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