Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Anti-Monster Spray

I know I have mentioned that I am a bit wary of all of the germs out there. I am the crazy lady spraying disinfectant on planes. When I first read about Anti-Monster Spray from Le FP Green Body Care, I was overjoyed. Le FP Body Care has many products made with essential oils, and free of Parabens, SLS's, Phthalates and synthetic fragrances and colors. Anti-Monster Spray works in two very cool ways. The first is that you can tell your young child that you are spraying away all of these things they are afraid of, from monsters to ghosts. The second way this cool spray works, is that you it helps to keep viruses and bacterias at bay (those monsters your child does not know about but that are way more scary). It is made with essential oils proven to reinforce your child’s immune system. The oils it contains (from Lavender, Lemon and Mandarin to Peppermint and Tea Tree) are effective against bacteria that cause staph, strep and pneumonia infections. I love the smell, and I find that the combination of the these oils has a calming effect before bedtime. There are four different sprays with names like Pink Prickles and Blue Boogie! They are 98% Organic and so much fun! I personally think pre-schools should stock these by the truck load, oh and planes, trains, homes, offices…… get the point.

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