Monday, January 11, 2010

Aden and Anais Dream Blanket...a true Dream!

I wrote a while back about my love for Aden + Anais washcloths. They are made from fabulous muslin and are big enough to get the job of cleaning a toddler done right. Aden + Anais has relaunched their website, and you can read all about their products and even purchase different styles online!
I am sure you have also undoubtedly read about Aden + Anais swaddling blankets which are a very large 47 X 47 to easily swaddle your baby in breathable muslin. Muslin is an amazing fabric that keeps them warm in winter, but lets their skin breathe and keeps them cool in summer. Because the swaddling blankets are so big, we used ours as burp cloths, pack and play sheets, on the beach, for picnics, etc.. Raegan Moya-Jones, the creator of Aden + Anais came to the US from Australia, where mothers have used muslin for years to swaddle their children. Unfortunately, my 2 year old does not like to be swaddled anymore (much as I would like to be able to limit her movement when she hears the word "bedtime" :) ), but I was thrilled when Aden + Anais came out with the Dream Blanket.

The Dream Blanket really lives up to its name. It is 47 x 47 and is four layers of soft muslin fabric. I have written about other blankets, but this trumps them all. My toddler is absolutely obsessed! She uses it for her (occasional) naps and covers herself over with it on the couch first thing in the morning. Finally, a company that with a blanket that actually will cover not only babies but toddlers. I had to stop myself from swiping it. Aden + Anais can you make a Dream Blanket for adults too?

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