Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Rosie Hippo

Rosie Hippo is the kind of website you go to and literally want every single item you see. The shop is choc full of wonderful wooden and handmade items. They are the kind of toys that your children’s children’s children (well you get the point) will be playing with. Each toy is selected for its unique qualities and abilities to help children learn and imagine. It is a family-owned business with a wonderful mission: “To Make a positive impact on children and the planet.”

We received two wonderful items. The Gnome Home is absolutely the most beautiful toy in our home. Each Gnome Home is unique and handcrafted from a single piece of wood (it is truly amazing). They are made of either fir or cedar and finished with Beeswax. They are made in the USA in Mt. Shasta. From the minute I took the Gnome Home out of the box my daughter was clamoring to play. It fit her little Evi gnome dolls in perfectly. This is an item that your child will not only have forever, but one that you find yourself wanting to play with too (is that so wrong?). I loved watching my little one imagining that gnome babies were going home and sleeping. She actually makes sure they are in there laying down before she goes to bed every night, and it is part of the new routine. It is a simply beautiful handmade gift you will cherish.

The other item we got was a Kathe Kruse Wooden Flower Puzzle . Kathe Kruse is known for German made handmade quality dolls and children’s items. This gorgeous Puzzle is made of linden wood and colored with a watercolor glaze. The Flower puzzle has seven chunky wooden pieces in soft pastels with hand-painted detailing. It comes in its own tray to make it into either a flower, or take the pieces out and your child can stack, sort, count or even make each piece into another object their imagination inspires. It is beautifully made, and very colorful. This puzzle provides my child with hours of enjoyment and is currently being used in conjunction with the Gnome Home to provide furniture for her little friends. Rosie Hippo also carries the Wooden Fish, Bird and Flower Blossom puzzles by Kathe Kruse.

Rosie Hippo is really a one-stop shop for everything you could need for your child, from toys to arts and crafts and even furniture! Shopping is made easy, fun, and most importantly…safe and earth-friendly.

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